Reusable Make-up Pad Squares, Pack of 5

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Organic Bamboo & Cotton
Pack of 5

Handmade in the UK

Happy skin is the basis of a natural beauty routine, that’s why our organic, reusable pads are perfect for make-up removal and daily cleansing rituals. Made with naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial bamboo, they’re pesticide-free and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. A wonderful eco-alternative to face wipes and disposable cotton pads that end up in landfill, our reusable make-up pad squares can be laundered in the washing machine to be used again and again.

Each pad measures around 7.5cm square, sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand and providing a larger surface area to cleanse face or body. Handmade in the UK from fast-growing bamboo and organic cotton, these environmentally friendly make-up pads require less energy to make than conventional cotton-wool and are produced without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. They’re a great little zero-waste swap, helping to save the planet while leaving your skin beautifully cleansed.

Care Instructions

Simply rinse with cool water (and soap if required) after use, then pop the pads in the washing machine and launder with your regular load at 30 degrees. Leave to dry naturally.

PLEASE NOTE:  Slight variations in size and shape may occur as these items are cut by hand. Some shrinkage of the fabric is expected after laundering as the natural fibre may reduce by up to 10%. To minimise shrinkage, wash cool and do not tumble dry.