Peruvian Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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Palo Santo Heartwood
Ethically Sourced from Peru
Producing a hypnotic, woody fragrance when lit, our ethically sourced Peruvian Palo Santo incense sticks are beautifully hand tied in bundles of three. Grown across the Americas, Palo Santo or ‘Holy Wood’ has been used in healing, cleansing and spiritual rituals among indigenous and mestizo communities for centuries. This mystical tree has pungent incense with medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Burned to give off its "Sacred Smoke", it has notes of sweet pine, patchouli, mint and lemon.
With a relatively short lifespan, the Bursera Graveolens must be allowed to die naturally with a resting period of five to eight years on the forest floor where the highest quality oils form in the aged heartwood. Wildcrafted in accord with SEFOR, Peruvian Wildlife Agency, the ethical sourcing of these sticks helps to protect the species from over-harvesting which can lead to extinction. 
Sweet pine, patchouli, mint and lemon
3 x 12cm (approx.) sticks