Hand Thrown Ceramic Moon Vase, Small

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H16cm x C37cm

Hand turned in the UK

Hand turned in a blend of natural stoneware clays, the clean lines and refined aesthetic of the Moon Vase pull focus to the textural beauty left by the artist’s hands. The spherical body reflects a connection the natural environment and offers a modern interpretation of a classic objet d’art. Use as a dresser or side table accent piece filled with dried or freshly cut stems.

Incredibly special, these one of a kind ornaments strike a balance between the sweeping curves and straight, static edges of their form. Each piece is finished with three to four individual glazes that are freely applied to create a depth of tone and texture completely unique to these beautifully tactile ceramics. Combining elegance and simplicity, Phoebe’s timeless designs and considered aesthetic reflect her focus on slow production.

Care Instructions
Wash by hand