Alpaca Wool Throw ~ Luna

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Handwoven on traditional back strap looms by local artisans in the Andean mountains of Peru, our Luna throw is spun from fine alpaca yarn. Comparable to cashmere, this luxuriously soft, natural fibre is lightweight, warm and naturally hypoallergenic so it’s the perfect alternative to sheep’s wool. Rich in Incan heritage, the throw’s intricately woven pattern is completely unique, making this very special piece one of a kind. 

The weaving process, steeped with tradition, is an integral part of Quechuan culture passed down through the generations. Following fair-trade principles, the Pacha collection helps to keep that heritage alive, preserving traditional techniques and providing employment opportunities to local craftspeople. Naturally dyed from regional plants, herbs and botanicals, each piece is carefully sourced directly from the communities where they were made.

Care Instructions
Alpaca wool is naturally self-cleaning. Air outside to refresh your throw. Spot clean spillages with warm water and a mild wool detergent to avoid discolouration. Professionally clean if required.


  • Pure Alpaca Wool
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Handwoven in Peru


  • W146cm x L172cm