White Sage Smudging Kit

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White Sage, Palo Santo & Incense
7 Pieces
Ethically Sourced 
Cleanse your space of negativity, promote healing and reduce stress with our home sage smudging. An ancient ritual that involves burning natural incense to clear energy, ‘Smudging’ has been used by Indigenous communities in the Americas as a sacred practice for centuries. Naturally therapeutic, the pungent aromas of the incense are considered to have healing powers and can help to improve mood and focus.
Consciously sourced, this natural incense collection contains a selection of soothing and calming ingredients to promote wellness. White sage, known for its antimicrobial properties is suggested to improve mood, soothe stress and aid with sleep and cognition while Palo Santo is used for its possible anti-inflammatory and stress relieving benefits.

Each kit contains:
1 Sage stick
2 Ethically sourced Palo Santo sticks
3 Indian incense sticks
1 Soy wax tea light candle

White Sage, patchouli, mint and lemon