Unique Handmade Silver Ring ~ Char

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A unique handmade silver ring designed to be worn on the little finger. Hand forged from 100% recycled silver, this organic ring works beautifully as a simple statement piece or combined with other fine jewellery. With an open band, the Char ring can be adjusted to size making it a great option for gifting. Not sure of your exact ring size? Gently pinch the ends together to create the perfect fit.

Inspired by organic shapes and imperfect forms, the Char ring represents the process of transformation, taking discarded materials and melting them down to create new designs with a simple, modern aesthetic. Cast from an existing silver ring, the base metal changes through solid to liquid state and is then cooled to take its' new permanent form. Palmworks believe that good things take time, focusing on slow production and sustainable practices to create eco-friendly designs that stand the test of time. 

• eco silver
• ⌀2cm (adjustable ring size H-K)
• handmade in the UK

PALMWORKS produce ethical and sustainable jewellery with a considered, minimal aesthetic. Taking inspiration from Egyptian hieroglyphs, the seasonless collection draws on ancient moon and snake forms that present themselves as symbols of change and renewal. Handcrafted from recycled silver and gold, each piece is carefully constructed from molten precious metals, transforming discarded materials into timeless, wearable pieces.

Please note: Our jewellery is made to order. We keep a small number of our unique handmade silver rings in stock, but during busy periods there may be a production time of up to four weeks.