Beeswax Wrap Starter Pack, Hexagonal

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Organic Cotton, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax
Set of 4

Made in Australia

Our eco-friendly, reusable food wrap starter pack contains four versatile sheets of organic beeswax wraps. A natural alternative to cling film and single use plastics, they are ideal for wrapping and storing a variety of produce including fruit, veg, cheese, sandwiches, salads and leftovers. They’re also great for picnics! Strong, flexible and completely compostable, the wraps can be rinsed in cold water and last up to a year.

Made from durable, organic cotton treated with Australian beeswax, Jojoba oil and Dammar tree resin, Bee Green wraps are thoughtfully produced on an organic small holding near Sydney and slowly imported by   boat.

Small 20cm x 20cm
Medium 21cm x 31cm
Large 31cm x 31cm
Extra Large 35cm x 35cm