Eco Gold Through-Ear Hoop Earrings ~ Ankha

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Eco Gold
⌀1.7cm (approx.)

Handmade in the UK 

Simple, refined and versatile, these minimal hoops sit with a little gold dot at one end and can be worn in two ways: Thread from the front and the dot sits on the ear like a stud. Thread from behind and the hoop appears as a continuous band, with no visible hinge or fastening. Classically shaped with a modern twist, the Ankha hoop has a subtle form that speaks of understated style.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted from 9ct eco gold, a 100% recycled material in the form of scrap gold from the medical, dental, jewellery and electronics industries which has been regenerated via a traceable process. Thoughtful in both design and practise, Palmworks seek to find ways of working which minimise waste and chemical use while supporting slow production and ethical principles. These beautiful earrings are handmade to order and posted using eco-friendly materials or repurposed packaging from supply deliveries.

Please Note: Our Eco Gold Hoop Earrings are made to order and may take several weeks to produce