About Us

A Sustainable Marketplace

Hundred Acre Studios is a sustainable marketplace offering a range of ethical and eco-friendly products for the home.

With the aim of supporting small and socially conscious businesses, we’ve put together a collection of simple, functional homeware and lifestyle goods designed to help you live more consciously. 


What we stand for:


We’ve searched far and wide to curate a collection of the most beautiful, functional pieces from a range of sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers. Each item is made by hand or carefully sourced from mindful producers and selected with our timeless signature style in mind.



We want you to hold on to your items, that’s why we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products that reflect the care and craftsmanship that went into making them, because a product that’s built well lasts.



Our aim is to promote change through positive consumer choices. We believe in backing sustainable businesses to ensure our products are as environmentally conscious as possible. Every piece in our collection is crafted from natural materials and geared towards minimising waste, encouraging a ‘buy less, buy better’ approach. Together we can be part of the solution.


Social Impact

Hundred Acre Studios is proud to support a number of social enterprise initiatives and will continue to push to make a better world for everyone involved at every stage of our business.

We hope to nurture deeper connections between people, our products and their makers by championing small businesses and introducing our makers, because only when you understand where an item has come from can you truly appreciate its value. We aim to build a more respectful world, bringing meaning to every piece by sharing the story of its creation.



We want to help you tread lightly on the earth, so we’ve outlined the ethical credentials of every single piece in our collection; making it easy to shop for the pieces you’ll love... respectfully.